Are you a culinary artist? Do you love to cook? Or do you just love eating homemade meals?

Then this is for you!

Local Chow is organizing a cooking competition to celebrate the unique flavors of your community, and to get in on some delicious local food.

We want to help you get inspired by food from your local area, and we want to encourage the discovery of new ways of cooking with ingredients that are close to our homes. 

Our goal for this competition is to showcase the amazing variety of quality foods that our community has to offer, and to make sure that everyone no matter where they live can enjoy fresh, locally sourced meals.

Winners of this cooking competition stand the chance of winning cash prizes worth $1000-$5000. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get those utensils heated up!

Upcoming Competitions

See if we are in your area.


St George, Utah


Provo, Utah


Salt Lake City, Utah

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