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Get fresh farm produce from a REKO ring near you

With increasing awareness of healthy eating, I believe we are all familiar with the importance of consuming fresh farm produce. Whether it’s for our health or the environment, we are all aware that it is better to buy fresh food straight from the source and not have to worry about where it has been or how long it has been sitting on a shelf.

But how do we get the freshest produce? This is the question we aim to answer in today’s article.

As you will guess, one of the best ways to get fresh farm produce will be to either buy from a farmers’ market or by buying physically from a farm.

In today’s article, I will like to introduce you to a great way of getting fresh farm produce directly from a farm without having to physically go there or to the farmers’ market. This is called the REKO ring system.

What is a REKO ring?

The REKO Ring is an online marketplace where a group of farmers sells their goods directly to consumers in their neighborhoods. It is the new way to get fresh farm produce.

REKO rings connect small, local farms directly with consumers, cutting out the middleman who usually makes up most of the cost. This means you can get fresh, local produce at a lower price than you would from the supermarket.

How a REKO Ring Works

The REKO ring works like a typical farmers’ market, but in this case, instead of going to the market, you can get access to the farm catalogs of different farmers online and choose which products you want to purchase from the different farmers within that REKO ring. These products will then be delivered directly to your home or you can choose to pick them up depending on your arrangement and pattern of the REKO ring near you. Get more insight on how a REKO ring works in this article.

Benefits of Buying Fresh Farm Produce from a REKO ring

There are many benefits to buying fresh farm produce from a REKO ring near you.

  • You get to choose from several farmers in a single REKO ring.
  • You can purchase fresh produce directly from the farm, saving you money and giving you quality products.
  • There are no middlemen involved in the process of selling your products so you don’t have to worry about them taking their share of what you’re selling.
  • You can also enjoy the convenience of buying fresh produce without having to travel across the country just to get it.
  • Buying from a REKO ring means supporting local farmers, and this is always a good idea because they will be able to continue their work if more people buy their products rather than those shipped in from faraway places.
  • Farmers get paid more for their products since they don’t have to ship their products over very far. Meaning that they can afford better equipment and hire more workers to produce even higher quality produce.
  • Food in REKO rings travels short distances to the consumer. This means less food is wasted because it doesn’t have to travel long distances before it gets to you.
  • Less energy is used to transport your food once it’s been picked and packed at a local farm. This makes REKO good for the environment too!

How to Join a REKO ring near you

If you’re interested in joining a REKO ring near you, there is a simple way to go about it: The Local Chow mobile app.

With the Local Chow mobile app, you can become a member of a REKO ring within your neighborhood. All you need is to download the mobile app and join a REKO ring group near your home.

What You Need To Know About Joining a REKO ring

Once you’ve decided to join a REKO ring, there are several things that you need to know.

  1. You don’t need to be a farmer to join a REKO ring. You can just be a consumer who desires to buy fresh farm produce.
  2. You should be living locally and able to pick up produce at the agreed time and place.
  3. A few days’ notice are usually required, though some rings do offer same-day pickup if you order early enough.
  4. Joining a REKO ring is free. You just need to pay for the items that you purchase from the farmer.

Shopping for fresh farm produce is now easier than ever

Shopping for fresh farm produce is now easier than ever with REKO rings. What does this mean? You can find locally-grown food from your favorite local farmers easily, without having to go through middlemen or spend more than you want on food. If you live in an area where there aren’t many grocery stores nearby, using REKO rings will help you save time and money by connecting you directly with local farmers who are selling their wares at a reasonable price point—and cutting out the middleman means lower overhead costs overall so they’re able to pass those savings onto customers like yourself! Plus it’s better for the environment because less gas gets burned up transporting goods long distances between store shelves and factories to reach consumers’ homes instead of just staying within its community.”

If you are somebody who prefers the traditional experience of a farmers’ market and likes to shop for fresh farm produce at your local farmers’ market or farm stand, you can still achieve this with the Local Chow app. In this case, you can see the different products of your favorite farmers from the app, before going to the market to pick them up.


REKO rings are a great way to get fresh local produce that you can trust. They make it easy for you to find local farms and farmers who grow the food you eat, so you know exactly what’s going into your body. REKO rings also help keep farmers from having to sell their products through middlemen like grocery stores or supermarkets. You can save money while supporting local communities by shopping at REKO rings near where you live!

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