Food Tech Startup Local Chow Set to Localize Global Food Supply System

Utah food tech startup Local Chow is building a more sustainable, healthier, and stabilized food supply system by localizing food consumption.

Salt Lake City, UT (News media) September 10, 2022 — Founded with the mission of helping people eat better, healthier, and more responsibly sourced food that is locally produced, Local Chow has built a platform that simplifies the process of finding local food by connecting consumers with food vendors and local farmers within their communities so they can get the freshest foods possible.

The Local Chow platform offers local food vendors and producers a convenient way to access and sell to customers fresh, healthy foods while providing customers a way to support local farmers and businesses.

With the company’s recent closing of a $1M seed round, it plans to expand its operations throughout the U.S and into the international market in the coming year. According to the CEO and co-founder Tyler Taggart, this expansion is to help people access more locally sourced food and to promote a more sustainable food supply ecosystem in every community. “We have a responsibility to protect our food system,” said Taggart. “By eating locally sourced food, we can ensure a more sustainable food supply chain while supporting local farmers and vendors who grow locally produced foods.”

As Local Chow gears up to hit the global stage with its vision of providing a more sustainable global food system, will it become Utah’s next tech unicorn by tackling the multi-trillion dollar food industry?

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