Best REKO Ring platforms for farm sales

The Best REKO Ring Platform for Farm Sales

Have you ever had the desire to sell your food at a farmers market, but been too intimidated by the process? That was how I felt when I first started farming. Luckily for me and other growers who want to get their products into the hands of more customers, there is a platform called REKO Rings that makes selling at farmers’ markets easy.

What are REKO Rings?

A REKO ring is a type of direct-to-consumer sales platform that connects consumers directly with local farmers and food producers. This type of platform allows consumers to purchase fresh, locally-sourced food directly from the producers, cutting out the middlemen and providing a more sustainable and transparent food system.

The REKO ring platform is a popular method for small-scale farmers to directly sell their products to consumers. This direct sales model allows farmers to bypass traditional retail channels and sell their products at a fair price, while also providing consumers with access to fresh, locally-grown food.

There are several different platforms for REKO ring farm sales, each with its unique features and benefits. In this article, we will explore the different options available and discuss the pros and cons of each platform.

The Different Platforms for REKO Ring Farm Sales

There are also several other ways to market and sell your farm products using the REKO ring method. Some of the best REKO ring platforms for selling farm products include;

1. REKO Ring Facebook Groups

There are several different REKO ring Facebook groups available, all with their unique features and benefits. These groups are a great place to connect with other farmers and engage with customers online.

In general, these groups are very active with hundreds of members, and provide a great opportunity to connect with other farmers who are selling through the REKO method. You can post pictures of your farm products, answer questions about your business and get feedback on new products you want to sell in the future. These groups can also be used as an effective tool for advertising your products and services.

2. Local Chow REKO Ring Platform

The local Chow REKO Ring platform is a free tool that allows farmers to connect and sell their products directly to a wide network of ready-to-buy consumers within their environment.

It is designed to be easy for farmers and consumers alike, with a simple interface that makes it easy to find, purchase and sell local food anywhere in the United States. You can set up your store within minutes, post pictures of your products, and set up online ordering if desired.

The platform also includes a robust search feature that allows consumers to easily find local foods from farms near them. It can be used by individual farmers or groups of farmers who want to sell together to maximize their reach and increase sales.

The best way to sell on the Local Chow’s REKO ring

  1. Start by downloading the Local Chow app and creating an account.
  2. Once you have created your account on the app, find a REKO Ring near you using the app.
  3. Join the REKO Ring by filling out your profile information (this is where you want to be as specific as possible). The more information you provide about yourself and your products, the easier it will be for customers to find what they are looking for on Local Chow.
  4. Once you have registered with a REKO Ring near you, you can now start providing photos of your products to help consumers see what you are selling.
REKO ring platforms

What do farmers gain from selling in a REKO Ring?

When you join a REKO Ring, you will gain access to an online platform where you can list your farm products for sale. The REKO Ring acts as a marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect and make transactions. By listing your product on the REKO Ring, you increase revenue from your farm by selling directly to consumers.

What’s more? We do all the hard work! You simply provide us with a list of what’s available from your farm, when it’s available, and where it’s located (if applicable). We’ll then set up an account for you within our system that makes it easy for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for in their area. It couldn’t be easier!

What do consumers gain from joining a REKO Ring?

As a consumer, you stand to gain some serious benefits from joining a REKO Ring. Here are just a few:

  • You’ll have access to local, fresh food from your farmers.
  • You’ll support local farmers’ businesses and the economy at large by buying their products instead of mass-produced ones that come in from other states or countries.
  • You’ll get the freshest food possible because it’s picked right before it hits your door—not weeks ago, like products you might find at the grocery store. And did I mention that freshness is important? It’s crucial! No one likes wilted lettuce or old tomatoes (unless they’re used for soup).
  • This brings me to my next point: You’ll get to know your farmer and his practices better than ever before! Have questions about how he grows his crops? He can answer them easily via phone call or email—and maybe even take you on a tour one day if he has time! Plus, there will be no more guessing about whether or not the produce was grown organically—you can ask him directly anytime.


The best way to sell your eggs, meat, and produce is in a REKO Ring! Join or start your ring today by downloading the Local Chow app on iOS or Android.

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